I was proud to lead the Nevada State Assembly as Speaker this session.  We worked tirelessly to advance policies that create a Nevada that works for everyone. We passed hundreds of policies this session that will create jobs, give Nevadans more opportunity, make our communities both safe and healthy, and ensure an equitable system for all. Some key legislation passed in the 2019 legislative session include:

Better Schools for a Better Future
We made record investments for our Nevada schools:

  • We funded the largest education budget in our state’s history by increasing the statewide average per pupil spending by nearly $1,000– that’s nearly a 10% increase in per-pupil funding. 
  • Funded a 45 million school safety budget for the first time in our state’s history. 
  • Provided additional revenue to ensure teachers received a larger reimbursement for their out of pocket costs of supplies. 
  • Nearly tripled the amount of funding for our Pre-K Program. 
  • Directed over $327 million towards class size reduction.

 Affordable and Accessible Health Care
We fought back to improve and protect your health care

 Economic Stability
We put Nevada Workers First

A Fair System for All
We Ensured Nevadans can hold their Government Accountable 

  • Banned For-Profit prisons
  • Allowed individuals wrongfully convicted in our state to be able to receive monetary damages and also ensured all records related to the wrongful conviction are sealed. We established a system that ensures a mistake by the state does not cost someone their livelihood.
  • Created a system in which a person who was convicted of an offense that has been decriminalized, such as cannabis, will have their record sealed and civil rights immediately restored. It is simply unfair for someone to pay for a crime that is no longer a crime. 
  • Implemented automatic voter registration and same day voter registration to increase access to the ballot box for all eligible voters while also increasing security and reliability of the registration process.
  • Restored the voting rights of formerly incarcerated individuals.

 Safeguarding our Families
We Committed to Protecting Nevada Families and their Communities 

  • Established De-Escalation Training for Peace Officers.
  • We passed several gun safety measures such as banning bump stocks, establishing safe storage requirements, and allowing extreme risk protection orders so that individuals who are at risk of hurting themselves or others can temporarily have their firearms seized by the court. Lastly, we ensured the background check ballot initiative that was approved by the voters was implemented- just like the majority of Nevadans wanted. 

Protecting Nevada’s Natural Environment
We Strengthened our Clean Energy Economy